General Business Meeting (GBM) 2020

General Business Meeting (GBM) 2020

Start Date: 2021-02-01 08:00

End Date: 2021-12-01 09:00


Woord en Lewe
WnL - Woord en Lewe / Word and Life Church, Kingfisher Avenue, Sunward Park, Boksburg, South Africa

Available Seats: 9968

Ticket / Registration: R 350

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“Due to current lockdown restrictions, it was not possible for the 2020 Annual Conference (AC) and the General Business Meeting (GBM) to be convened on 6-9 September 2020.

The NLF (National Leadership Forum) resolved that, depending on the lockdown restrictions pertaining to gatherings, the 2020 GBM and AC be re-scheduled.

Specific dates cannot be confirmed at this stage, but will be communicated as soon as possible. However, Delegates are welcome to register. The venue remains AFM Word and Life Church in Boksburg.”

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As per regulation 5.4 of the Constitution of the AFM the GBM shall consist of:
One pastor and a delegate per local assembly;
members of the National Leadership Forum in terms of section 4.3;
members of Standing Committees appointed in terms of section 6.1;
one additional member of each (National) Department in terms of section 8.1.

Please attach an official letter of appointment as a delegate from your Assembly, Standing Committee, or Department for the 2020 GBM.

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